Drag and drop a location into the visualisation area.

Visualisation area

This visualisation tool is for desktop only and is compatable with versions of Internet Explorer 9 and later. The tool is for demonstration purposes only and is not a comparison to the existing defences at the example locations. It should also be pointed out that whilst the wave conditons and water levels used in the model are realistic they do not represent a particular return period at each location. The results show that implementing a slope for the given wave conditions results in a significant increase in inundation compared to the wall or the tetrapods. However, slopes can be effective in reducing wave run-up and overtopping at lower freeboards where less of the slope is submerged. In the examples shown, a wall performs similarly to tetrapods in terms of reducing overtopping and inundation. However, whilst they can be used in combination tetrapods may not be appropriate in all locations in terms of aesthetics and access to the land/foreshore boundary.