In-house solutions

JM Coastal specialises in providing a range of in-house solutions to aid the development of a modelling environment specific to the needs of your company. This includes the planning of work flows for modelling studies, developing coastal models, and building platforms to run them and link different models together. Tools for data management and cleaning and for model output visualisation can also be developed. With a strong background in coastal modelling, computer programming and data analysis using a range of licensed or open source software, JM Coastal can build robust in-house hydrodynamic modelling solutions. JM Coastal can assist with tender bids, develop operational platforms and workflows, and generate outputs to meet the needs of your clients or stakeholders.

Contact JM Coastal if your company needs assistance with:

  • Model study workflows
  • Building modelling platforms
  • Hydrodynamic model development and validation
  • Grid building
  • Plotting and visualisation
  • Data management and cleaning
  • GIS
  • Web content